145475 Rehoboth

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145475 Rehoboth
Discovered by L. A. Molnar
Discovery site Calvin-Rehoboth Observatory
Discovery date October 12, 2005
MPC designation 145475
Alternate name(s) 2005 TP52
Epoch May 14, 2008
Ap 2.8280590
Peri 2.7158748
Eccentricity 0.0202355
Orbital period 1685.7007252
Mean anomaly 25.10207
Inclination 2.99103
Longitude of ascending node 29.78953
Argument of peri 176.02908
Physical characteristics
Absolute magnitude (H) 16.4 [2]

145475 Rehoboth (2005 TP52) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on October 12, 2005 by L. A. Molnar of Calvin College at the Calvin-Rehoboth Observatory.[1]


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