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For the multilingual portal, see Wikinfo.

Welcome to the English language Wikinfo, a project to create a universal open content reference resource. The site was launched in July, 2003, and it is a Wiki.

Editing WIkinfo

To edit Wikinfo you will need an account. To get an account on Wikinfo you must first be an editor on Wikipedia with a confirmed email address. Use your account on Wikipedia to email Wikipedia:User:Fred Bauder. I will then create your account here. Fred Bauder (talk) 04:13, 30 November 2016 (CST)

Visit the help page or experiment in the sandbox to learn how you can edit any article, or use the "Go" button and see how you can easily create new articles. Visit Wikinfo:Getting started for information on, well, getting started...

Articles in the public domain may be uploaded. Wikinfo provides a platform for the meshing of encyclopedic material, original and creative work and public domain material to further education and information.

Original Poetry may be posted in the Poets corner and original fiction may be posted in the Writers corner.

Wikinfo differs in editorial policy from Wikipedia. Generally, the main article on a subject should present the subject in a positive light or as a concept which makes sense. Alternative or critical perspectives should be placed in linked articles, Wikinfo welcomes editors from Wikipedia and offers much more opportunity to edit freely. Original research and original ideas are welcome.

Wikinfo is multi-lingual. We have articles in English, German, Romanian, Croatian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Latin (more information). If a language wiki has been created articles in that language may be placed in that wiki; the page in Wikinfo can be a disambiguation page with links to articles on language wikis.

Wikinfo:Village pump is the place to plug in if you have questions or problems.

  • Blue Links take you to Wikinfo articles or links to external websites.
  • Red Links take you to empty articles you can create.

This page is protected, but an editable version is available to everyone.

"Its real purpose - its only true purpose - is to explore the unknown"
Gordon R. Dickson, The Final Encyclopedia


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