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(minuscule: ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, formed from T with the addition of a dot below the letter. It is used in the transcription of Afro-Asiatic languages to represent an "emphatic t", and is used in the Berber Latin alphabet. It is used in Mizo language as a single consonant to represent 'tr'. In transliterating Indo-Aryan, East Iranian and Dravidian languages it represents a retroflex t. It was also formerly used for the same sound in Javanese, but has now been replaced by the digraph "th".

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Letter T with diacritics
Ťť Ṫṫ Ţţ Ṭṭ Țț Ṱṱ Ṯṯ Ŧŧ Ⱦⱦ Ƭƭ Ʈʈ T̈ẗ ƫ ȶ
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