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A list of Fourth World nations or articles related to Fourth World nations. Fourth World nations are nations like Taiwan or Independent Long Island (medium to large nations without fully-recognised states). Fourth World nations are rarely discussed by supporters of micronations, because they often use the term "macronation" for any real sovereign nation-state, when in fact there are many macronations that do not fall in that category. Fifth World nations are nations like TTF-Bucksfan or Talossa (small nations with strong and established national identities). Fifth World nations are the strongest micronations. Sixth World nations are serious nations without strong and established national identities (usually younger than 4 years old, very likely to fail). Sixth World nations form the majority of serious micronations. Finally, Seventh world nations are RPGs or pure simulations run for purely egotistical or entertainment purposes (micronations so eccentric and ephemeral their name doesn't deserve to be capitalised).