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Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity and a major prophet of Islam.

Jesus may also refer to:


  • Jesus (name), as given name and surname, derived from the Latin name Iesus and the Greek Ἰησοῦς (Iesous).
  • Jesus Ben Sira (fl. 2nd century BCE), religious writer, author of the Book of Sirach
  • Christ, a title for Jesus in the New Testament
  • Historical Jesus, scholarly reconstructions of the hypothetical life of Jesus, including non-Biblical sources
  • Jesus Barabbas (Matthew 27:16-17 margin), pardoned criminal
  • Elymas Bar-Jesus, a Jewish person in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 13, who opposed the missionary Paul on Cyprus
  • Jesus Justus (Colossians 4:11), Christian in Rome mentioned by Paul
  • Jesus ben Ananias (died c. 73), Jewish nationalist mentioned by Josephus



  • "Jesus", Chris Ferguson (born 1963), American poker player with trademark long brown hair and beard


Film and television




  • Jesu (band), English experimental rock band formed in 2003
  • Jesus Christ Allin, birth name of musician GG Allin, (1956–1993)
  • Zola Jesus, stagename of American female singer songwriter


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