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Public affairs is a catch-all term that includes public policy as well as public administration, both of which are closely related to and draw upon the fields of political science as well as economics. Public policy discussions are generally and consciously partisan, and we assume that participants in public policy discussion have a specific point of view which they seek to advance in the discussion. Public administration, on the other hand, generally claims to be non-partisan. It focuses on methods of public administration, illustrated by historical examples, recording outcomes.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to public affairs:

Essence of public affairs

Branches of public affairs

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History of public affairs

Basic public affairs concepts

Public affairs scholars

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Leaders in public affairs

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External links

About the industry
Industry publications
  • PR Week , a PR trade weekly with both a US and UK edition
  • O'Dwyer's PR Daily, another trade publication, occasionally featuring critical essays and investigative journalism about the industry
  • PR News, online and offline publication that also issues PR awards, webinars and guidebooks
Industry associations and institutes
Watchdogs and critics
  • SourceWatch.org Provides background on PR agencies and practitioners. Focuses mostly on conservative and right-wing PR
  • PR Watch, critiques deceptive PR campaigns
  • Spinwatch, a page which monitors public relations and propaganda
  • CorporateWatch, a critical overview of the public relations and lobbying industry
  • Annenberg Political Fact Check A nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocate which monitors the factual accuracy of statements by political players

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