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For criticism see Criticism of Outline of sports

A sport is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively, sports can be done on land, in water, in the air and in space.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to sports:


Types of sports

Physical sports

Air sports

File:Lima Lima.jpg
Lima Lima aerobatics team performing over Louisville.
Wingsuit flying


File:Kyudo or the way of archery.jpg
Members of the Gotemba Kyūdō Association demonstrate Kyūdō.

Auto racing

File:Lap 1, Turn 1 Canada 2008.jpg
The start of a Formula One race in 2008

Basketball family


Awaiting a pitch: batter, catcher, and umpire.In Baseball

Baton twirling

Board sports

File:Vert (sport) (181091396).jpg
Skateboard vert jump at the Sprite urban games 2006 in London.

Sports that are played with some sort of board as the primary equipment.



Catch games



Sports using bicycles or unicycles.


Combat sports

Combat sport is a competitive contact sport where two combatants fight against each other using certain rules of engagement.

Mixed or hybrid
File:Pins down.jpg
Ground fighting in MMA.

Cue sports

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Pool balls


Three ballet dancers performing a grand jeté jump

Equine Sports

Sports using a horse.


Flying disc sports

Football family


File:Burnett Nationals 2008.jpg
Trampoline gymnast Jason Burnett at 2008 Canadian National Championships

Handball Family

Hockey family


Sometimes considered blood sports.

Kite Sports

Mixed discipline

File:Tri swim bike run.jpg
The three components of triathlon: swimming, cycling, running

Decathlon, Heptathlon, and the Pentathlons consist of ten, seven, and five component contests that are scored together using one points system.

Motorboat racing

Motorcycle racing

Musical Performance Sports

File:Cavaliers 2004 dci world championships.jpg
The Cavaliers, an example of a modern drum & bugle corps, performing at the 2004 DCI World Championships in Denver, Colorado.

Orienteering family

Paddle sports

See Outline of kayaking and canoeing


Pilota family


Racquet (or racket) sports

Sports where a player use a racquet (or racket) to hit a ball or other objects.

Remote control





Sled sports

Shooting sports

Sports using a firearm.


Street Stunts

Tag games

Volleyball family



Games involving opponents hitting a ball against a wall/walls using a racket, or other piece of equipment, or merely gloved/barehanded.

Water sports

Greece - Hungary Water polo match (World Junior Championship 2004 Naples, Italy)
Ball Sports
File:Phelps 400m IM-crop.jpg
Michael Phelps swimming breaststroke at the 2008 Missouri Grand Prix.
Competitive Swimming
Subsurface and recreational


Mind sports

Requiring little or no physical exertion or agility mind sports are often not considered true sports. Some mind sports are recognised by sporting federations. [1].

The following list is intended to represent anything that is likely to be referred to as a mind sport, not to argue their validity as sports. (See also List of world championships in mind sports)

Card Games


Speaking Sports

Strategy Board Games

File:Mahjong in Hangzhou.jpg
A game of mahjong being played in Hangzhou, China


Animal sports

Athletics (track and field)

Electronic sports

Sports played using electronic devices.

Endurance sports

Miscellaneous sports

Olympic Sports

Summer Olympics

Winter Olympics


Skating sports


A ski jumper using the V-style

Strength sports

Sports mainly based on sheer power.

Table sports

See also Cue Sports.

Target sports

Sports where the main objective is to hit a certain target.

Team sports

Sports that involve teams. (Many are listed elsewhere too.)


Sports which use the wind (apart from sailing):

Sport by region


West Africa 40px
Benin • Burkina Faso • Cape Verde • Côte d'Ivoire • Gambia • Ghana • Guinea • Guinea-Bissau • Liberia • Mali • Mauritania • Niger • Nigeria • Senegal • Sierra Leone • Togo
North Africa 40px
Algeria • Egypt • Libya • Mauritania • Morocco • Sudan • Tunisia • Western Sahara
Central Africa 40px
Angola • Burundi • Cameroon • Central African Republic • Chad • The Democratic Republic of the Congo • Equatorial Guinea • Gabon • Republic of the Congo • Rwanda • São Tomé and Príncipe
East Africa 40px
Burundi • Comoros • Djibouti • Eritrea • Ethiopia • Kenya • Madagascar • Malawi • Mauritius • Mozambique • Rwanda • Seychelles • Somalia • Tanzania • Uganda • Zambia • Zimbabwe
Southern Africa 40px
Botswana • Lesotho • Namibia • South Africa • Swaziland
Mayotte (France) • St. Helena (UK) • Puntland • Somaliland • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic




Central Asia
Kazakhstan[2] • Kyrgyzstan • Tajikistan • Turkmenistan • Uzbekistan
East Asia
Hong Kong[4] • Macau[5]
Japan • North Korea • South Korea • Mongolia • Taiwan[6]
North Asia
Southeast Asia[8]
Brunei • Burma (Myanmar) • Cambodia[9] • East Timor (Timor-Leste)[10] • Indonesia[11] • Laos • Malaysia • Philippines • Singapore • Thailand • Vietnam
South Asia
Afghanistan • Bangladesh • Bhutan• Iran • Maldives • Nepal • Pakistan • Sri Lanka
West Asia
Armenia[13] • Azerbaijan[14] • Bahrain • Cyprus[15] (including disputed Northern Cyprus) • Georgia[16] • Iraq • Israel • Jordan • Kuwait • Lebanon • Oman • Palestine [17]Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Syria • Turkey[18] • United Arab Emirates • Yemen

Caucasus (a region considered to be in both Asia and Europe, or between them)

North Caucasus
Parts of Russia (Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Adyghea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachai-Cherkessia, North Ossetia, Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai)
South Caucasus
Georgia (including disputed Abhkazia, South Ossetia) • Armenia • Azerbaijan (including disputed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic)


Akrotiri and Dhekelia • Åland • Albania • Andorra • Armenia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Belarus • Belgium • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Faroe Islands • Finland • France • Georgia • Germany • Gibraltar • Greece • Guernsey • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Isle of Man • Italy • Jersey • Kazakhstan • Kosovo • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Macedonia • Malta • Moldova (including disputed Transnistria) • Monaco • Montenegro • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • San Marino • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Svalbard • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • Ukraine
United Kingdom
England • Northern Ireland • Scotland • Wales
Vatican City
European Union

North America


Greenland • Mexico • Saint Pierre and Miquelon

United States
Alabamaʉۢ Alaskaʉۢ Arizonaʉۢ Arkansasʉۢ Californiaʉۢ Coloradoʉۢ Connecticutʉۢ Delawareʉۢ Floridaʉۢ Georgiaʉۢ Hawaiiʉۢ Idahoʉۢ Illinoisʉۢ Indianaʉۢ Iowaʉۢ Montanaʉۢ Kansasʉۢ Kentuckyʉۢ Louisianaʉۢ Maineʉۢ Marylandʉۢ Massachusettsʉۢ Michiganʉۢ Minnesotaʉۢ Mississippiʉۢ Missouriʉۢ Nebraskaʉۢ Nevadaʉۢ New Hampshireʉۢ New Jerseyʉۢ New Mexicoʉۢ New Yorkʉۢ North Carolinaʉۢ North Dakotaʉۢ Ohioʉۢ Oklahomaʉۢ Oregonʉۢ Pennsylvaniaʉۢ Rhode Islandʉۢ South Carolinaʉۢ South Dakotaʉۢ Tennesseeʉۢ Texasʉۢ Utahʉۢ Vermontʉۢ Virginiaʉۢ Washingtonʉۢ West Virginiaʉۢ Wisconsinʉۢ Wyoming
District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
Central America
Belize • Costa Rica • El Salvador • Guatemala • Honduras • Nicaragua • Panama
Anguilla • Antigua and Barbuda • Aruba • Bahamas • Barbados • Bermuda • British Virgin Islands • Cayman Islands • Cuba • Dominica • Dominican Republic • Grenada • Haiti • Jamaica • Montserrat • Netherlands Antilles • Puerto Rico • Saint Barthélemy • Saint Kitts and Nevis • Saint Lucia • Saint Martin • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Trinidad and Tobago • Turks and Caicos Islands • United States Virgin Islands
Oceania'''(includes the continent of Australia)
Dependencies/Territories of Australia
Christmas Island[8] • Cocos (Keeling) Islands • Norfolk Island
New Zealand[20]
Fiji • Indonesia (Oceanian part only)[22] • New Caledonia (France) • Papua New Guinea[23] • Solomon Islands • Vanuatu •
Federated States of Micronesia • Guam (US) • Kiribati • Marshall Islands • Nauru • Northern Mariana Islands (USA) • Palau • Wake Island (USA) •
American Samoa (USA) • Chatham Islands (NZ) • Cook Islands (NZ) • Easter Island (Chile) • French Polynesia (France) • Hawaii (USA) • Loyalty Islands (France) • Niue (NZ) • Pitcairn Islands (UK) • Adamstown • Samoa • Tokelau (NZ) • Tonga • Tuvalu • Wallis and Futuna (France)

South America

Argentina • Bolivia • Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Ecuador • Falkland Islands • Guyana • Paraguay • Peru • Suriname • Uruguay • Venezuela

South Atlantic

Ascension Island • Saint Helena • Tristan da Cunha

History of sports

Recreational sporting


Sports in court

Association football
Other sports

Sports coaching

Sporting events

Sports training

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Sports medicine

Sports nutrition

Sports and media

Sports magazines

Sports television programs

Sports ethics and conduct

Sports participants

Sports venues

Sports venue features

Sports equipment

Game play

Sports management

Sports culture

Sports and politics

Organized sports

Sports governing bodies

The section could be expanded

World governing bodies of various notable sports:

Sociology of sport

Sport psychology

See also

Sports-related lists


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