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It's my opinion that the original author of the hitherto deleted article may recreate it, based on direct experience with him. Please see Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Cesidian Root for the discussion that ensued. --Dennis The TIger 23:59, 9 June 2006 (UTC) references this page, but it is deleted. Whats up?

  • Really, what's up? RECREATE. Kitia 00:46, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

Note of Wikinfo Sysop

Wikipedia has deleted this article in the past based on the spurious argument that since the Cesidian Root does not generate enough results in the Google search engine (1,850 results as of 2006/08/07), this does not warrant the inclusion of a separate article.

Paradoxically, the existence of the Cesidian Root is not denied in Wikipedia's own Alternative DNS root article, and any person with minimal technical competence, or none at all, can verify the existence and even contents of this alternative full Intercontinental Internet by clicking this link:

Clicking on the link above generates an automatic DNS zone transfer via a mirror AXFR DiG of the Cesidian Root. Please note that the DiG requires some time to be performed, even with a DSL or cable Internet connection.

Moreover, the complexity of the latest version of the Cesidian Root article alone completely disqualifies Wikipedia's judgment on the matter. -IndigoGenius 15:33, 7 Aug 2006 (EDT)