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Wikinfo was originally inspired by Wikipedia but fundamentally differs. Wikipedia attempts a single article for a subject from a neutral point of view (NPOV), whereas Wikinfo presents more than a single article. An article is written from a sympathetic point of view, which is to say, from the viewpoint of an advocate for the subject. If two articles appear on a subject, that's fine. If a dozen points of view are necessary, that's fine too. The articles link to each other at the top of the article page, providing a user an immediate view of the several points of view. An example may be found at Critical views of Wikipedia.

  • A more relaxed atmosphere is projected. Editors are expected to focus on improving whatever efforts others have made. So feel free to start an article with only a bit of information, reference to a book on a subject, or a link to a website with some information. In the end, through the efforts of all of us there will be a decent set of articles.
  • Articles may be signed. However you may not remain anonymous if you do. Please contact Fred Bauder for information on how to establish your identity for this purpose. Signed articles may be commented on but may not be substantially changed by other editors.
  • Wikinfo is multilingual. In the case of articles imported from Wikipedia the links to Wikipedias in other languages are retained.
  • All innovations on Wikinfo are subject to change should they not work out, but are based on solid experience with the difficulties that have been found editing for Wikipedia.
  • Original research is encouraged.

Wikinfo operates in the context of Wikipedia which in turn operates in the context of the internet revolution. Participation by editors in Wikinfo thus depends on dissatisfaction with Wikipedia and the possibilites which exist for improving or adding to the Wikipedia model. Strong network effects operate which focus on Wikipedia as a node.

Wikinfo languages

Wikinfo is a multilingual encyclopedia.

Wikinfo languages
Rank Language Created on the
Main Wikinfo
Founder on the
main Wikinfo
Articles Start page Subdomain status
1 40px
July 2003 July 1, 2011 Fred Bauder 59,587 Main Page Active
2 40px
September 2007 July 1, 2011 Azlovric 1,003 Croatian Wikinfo >> Wikinfo na Hrvatskom jeziku Active
3 40px
- August 10, 2011 Pablo Martí­n
0 Página principal Closed
4 40px
January 2005 August 1, 2011 Alencon 0 Einleitungsseite / Deutsche Sektion von Wikinfo Closed
5 40px
July 2008 July 1, 2011 Anime Addict 0 Romanian / Wikinfo în limba română Closed
6 40px
January 2008 Azlovric 0 Latin topics / Pagina incipiens N/A
7 40px
February 2008 August 1, 2012 Anime Addict 0 Nihon Wikinfo Closed
8 40px
January 2005 Alencon 76 Liste des articles en français N/A
9 40px
January 2005 Alencon 42 Wikinfo - L'Enciclopedia Italiana N/A
10 40px
February 2008 Zarco 16 Wikinfo Lusófona N/A
11 40px
- - - 6 Articles in Russian N/A
12 40px
May 2012 - Yoshamya 3 Articles in Greek / Ελληνική πρωτοσελίϛ N/A
13 40px
December 2015 - stranger195 9 Unang Pahina N/A

On the main Wikinfo site, articles may be created in any language regarding any word or phrase in any other language. If there is a conflict between titles create an alternate title which disambiguates it. It is good to think ahead a bit in choosing conventions regarding titles, but only enough to avoid the need to move large numbers of articles from one title to another. There is no set form. Articles on specific language Wikinfo such as the English Wikinfo, should generally be in that language.

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