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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

Wikinfo:Village pump is the community's common talk page. Post any question, comment, or suggestion there. Please end postings to talk pages with four tildes ~~~~.

Please add content which is either interesting or of lasting significance. Clues to what is interesting or significant can be found by following trending subjects in mainstream and specialized media. Governance of Wikinfo is by a committee of those editors who contribute substantial interesting or significant material, maintain and improve Wikinfo's infrastructure, or make financial contributions.

Please see:

Use Wikinfo:Sandbox for test editing.


There is some vandalism on Wikinfo and some IP addresses are blocked. If you are a legitimate editor and need help getting started, please contact us at fredbaud at Likewise, if libelous or offensive material is published in Wikinfo and you wish to request its removal.