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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

Navigation will get you to a specific page. This article will guide first time editors through a first edit. More editing help can be found at the bottom of this page.

Warning: due to some bug, you can't edit pages over 60.000 kilobytes without all content being lost. However, it works editing section by section. On large articles, please do only so, editing section by section.

There are two ways to begin editing a page.

  • If you have typed word(s) into the search box and pressed Go, and there is no article with that name, then you get a page which says:

Search results

you searched for word(s)

There is no page titled "word(s)". You can create this page.

The red create this page. is the link for for you to click. When you click it, the page will be created and presented. When it is, you may click on the blank page and begin typing. This works with brand new articles. Simply click your mouse on the blank white space and begin typing.

The other way to begin editing has to do with an article that you find and would like to change, an article already in the database. The tabs along the the top of every page lead into editing. The tabs are blue if they have been used and red if they have never been used.

project page | discussion | edit and might include history | delete | move | watch

Begin an edit by clicking edit.

Then click your mouse on the editing space that you see, move the cursor around to where you want to edit and type. When you kind of have what you want, scroll down to the bottom of the editing space. There you find

Save page and Show preview.

Click "Show preview" and you can see what the saved page will look like. When you actualy "Save page", what you saw with "Show preview" becomes the new page. Good luck and have fun.

The Library is the place to find more Wikinfo Help. Help:Contents is a Table of Contents to the subject, help. Wikinfo:Editorial policy spells out the general editing policy. Policy is to be understood and then followed. Wikinfo:Introduction tells of how we differ from Wikipedia.