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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

Wikinfo's editorial policy differs significantly from that of Wikipedia. Wikinfo is many things "Wikipedia is not":

  • In the case of controversial subjects, especially living people, the main article should take a sympathetic point of view. (Don't go overboard with this, Hitler was still a monster).
  • Original research is welcomed. If you know something, cite yourself, and in the case of actual research, tell us how you proceeded.
  • You may write about yourself or your organization or company, and paint them in glowing colors.

Following the Wikipedia template

Unless there is a good reason not to please follow Wikipedia's article naming scheme with respect to imported articles. If an original article exists on Wikinfo with significant content, place template:Unique at the top of the article and make a link in the header to [Subject] according to Wikipedia and import the Wikipedia article there.

� or other odd character errors

Errors have been introduced into Wikinfo by ibiblio staff who have backed up the Wikinfo database and then repopulated it. This results in any unusual character in the text, even common dashes, being expressed as � or some similar character error. In most cases these are found in outdated articles which should be updated anyway. Unless there is unique user-created material on Wikinfo don't bother repairing such corruption.


Any article which is inferior to the existing Wikipedia article on the subject is subject to replacement by the Wikipedia article by any editor. If the existing article contains useful or unique material it should be moved to a suitable new title and linked to rather than simply replaced or deleted. Please take care to retain interesting external links or further reading.