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Import or update first

Nearly all pages on Wikinfo can be edited by any user and new articles can be created if there is no existing article. However Wikinfo is closely coordinated with Wikipedia both with respect to its organizational form and its content. So, before you do extensive work on an article on Wikinfo, or create a new article here, take a look at how Wikipedia handles the subject, and, if extensive work has been done there on the subject, please import the Wikipedia article to Wikinfo to use as a starting point. This applies also to existing Wikinfo articles which were imported from Wikipedia in the past. There is a link at the bottom of the page of those articles which can be followed to Wikipedia where the latest version can be copied and imported. When you update existing articles in this way check the editing history of the Wikinfo article and make sure that significant information and editing that other Wikinfo editors have done or added are preserved in the updated article.

History section can help

Something a bit tricky, but which can be learned quickly, is that articles have different versions presented in the History page on Wikipedia. For a "gatherer" of information that has little luck with Google, rather than someone who knows about the subject much and has much to contribute as original research, the history page on an Wikipedia article is a great start. Wikipedia users will often delete important information from an article if they consider it "irrelevant" or "not at their standard", which can be included in the article you have imported. While not a requirement for importing, it may help the article and give it an advantage to be found here.

Focus on areas where Wikipedia has trouble

The purpose of Wikinfo is provide a place where better work than the standards permitted by Wikipedia policies and practices can be done. Thus it is very helpful if a Wikinfo editor is also a Wikipedia editor; that is how you become informed regarding the limitations of Wikipedia and know where it falls down. Usually, and such problems are often only temporary and can be resolved on Wikipedia, the problem is that biased editors have gained control over content of an article. In such cases Wikinfo provides the opportunity to explore the points of view involved in a more comprehensive way. The usual form of an Wikinfo article takes point of view into account. The main article on a subject presumes that the subject makes sense or has positive value. To take an example where Wikipedia has fallen down in the past, Palestinian people, a adequate Wikinfo article on "Palestinian people" presumes there are such people reserving assertions that they are just an artificial construct to a separate criticism page, which might be entitled Criticism of Palestinian people.enwf:Wikinfo:Getting started