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30px This page in a nutshell: Original research is welcome on Wikinfo. However, please cite information added which is original research and credit it to yourself.
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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

Wikinfo welcomes original research, both the garden variety type of "I grew up in that town", and genuine original contributions to knowledge, should you be capable of formulating them.

When you use yourself as a source, cite yourself.[1] Referencing yourself will be more useful to future readers if you identify yourself, but anonymous editors are always welcome. Point is, tell us where you got the information.

To mark a few lines of original text in an ocean of Wikipedia or other sites content, please use {{keep wf}} in this way, {{keep wf|This text is original}}, resulting in This text is original[2].

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  1. Personal experience, User:Fred Bauder
  2. This text is original to Wikinfo and should be kept or reintroduced in any updated version of this article

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