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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

No mechanism exists to monitor users who simply read pages on the site or to gather information regarding such readers. You may edit Wikinfo anonymously under a username. Staying logged in under a username requires acceptance of a cookie; no information is gathered by the site from the cookie other than that you are using the same computer you were when you last logged in.

If you inadvertently or inappropriately disclose personal information about yourself or others, reasonable efforts will be made to remove it from public view. Address such requests to fredbaud at If you wish to edit signed articles, you are required to create an account using your real name and produce evidence of your identity to Fred Bauder, again at fredbaud at Reasonable efforts will be made to preserve the confidentiality of materials used to establish your identity.

Occasionally, when there is disruptive editing or quarreling between users, attempts may be made to ascertain if a user is using more than one account. Such attempts may include determination of the IP you are using and which accounts are using that IP. Information gathered in that way will not be released externally, except upon proper demand from law enforcement authorities.

Users should note that all edits and their contents are logged, together with the IP of anonymous editors or the usernames of the users who made the edit. They are not discarded, absent lost of data.