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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

You can search Wikinfo: there is a search box on every page, on either the left-side margin or the upper right. There are two buttons beneath or beside the text input area.

  • Go
    • Clicking the Go button searches page titles for a match to your typed in string of characters. If no article is found, then the software performs as if you had pressed Search (instead of Go), and presents that result. Pressing the Enter key of your keyboard while the search field is active duplicates clicking the Go button.
  • Search
    • Clicking the Search button searches page titles and page content. Matches are presented in two sections. The top section shows page titles that contain your search. The lower section shows article content that contain your search. Those are shown in context with article text bracketing the searched for string of charcters.

Go and Search are not case sensitive. Go or Search "Apple", "aPPLE", or "aPpLe" all return Apple.

The search discards special characters before it begins, for example;  ? , * and " are discarded. This means there is no way to search for a string of characters such as "blue skies above" because " is discarded before the search is made. You could search for several words; blue skies above. Briefly, you can not search for a phrase and you can not search with wildcards, but in any event, have fun with it.

Only alphanumeric characters are searched for, but small common words such as "the", "are", "is", and "be" are removed before a search begins because the results would be vast. The search result would not be helpful. Here is a list of all of those words. But some articles are titled with those words, for example, an article titled Are. Go "Are" presents that article while Search "Are" will not find that article.

For more information, see WikiMedia Search Help

Adapted from the KayakWiki project page "KayakWiki:Searching" released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License