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Owl of Wisdom
(or is it the owl of humor?)

The Library contains articles about Wikinfo's vision, original research, how to edit, resources, signed articles and more. Most of the Library's pages have the Wikinfo Owl on them and a very few are protected against editing. This page is an ongoing work. Hopefully all the articles that tell about how to build a better wiki will appear here. The intent of this page is to put a smooth mechanism into place so anyone can understand how Wikinfo works, and begin editing fruitfully, according to the vision of Wikinfo. Right now, articles are roughly grouped and listed by title. See also Wikinfo:Library alphabetical

Moving around on the wiki

Setting up your account

Inter-wiki communication



What Wikinfo is about

Wikinfo:Vision,Wikinfo:About (protected from editing) Wikinfo:About/Purpose, Wikinfo:Sympathetic point of view Wikinfo:Sitenotice, Wikinfo:Wikinfo is a dictionary Wikinfo:Wikinfo is a web directory, Wikinfo:Original research Wikinfo:signed articles, Wikinfo:Wikinfo quotations, Wikinfo:Administrators, Wikinfo:Sysops, Wikinfo:Public domain Wikinfo:Copyrights

Pages that begin with MediaWiki:(title) did not all change to Wikinfo:(title), many were changed manually but some may have been missed. That change happened a few months ago when the Wiki software was updated.