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A great deal of work has been done on Wikipedia developing Wikipedia:Manual of Style. Much of this work is applicable to Communpedia; the major difference being that rather than a Wikipedia:Neutral point of view a common leftist point of view is appropriate on Communpedia. It is important that information be intelligible to people who are not organizational insiders; thus, while internal links to important concepts and leftist political positions, tendencies, are necessary, articles should, if possible, be intelligible to the general reader without the need to consult additional articles.

Generally, the title to an article should be included in the first few words of the article and bolded, '''bolded'''. There should be a short introduction followed by logical sections which provide a framework appropriate to the subject. Generally, the introductory paragraphs should be a summary of the content of the article, citations to important or controversial points should be in the body of the article where that aspect of the subject is addressed, not in the introduction. Citation templates developed on Wikipedia are available, or can be make available. However, at a bare minimum a citation should be enclosed by the ref tags, <ref> and </ref>.

Below the body of the article there should be a section for Notes which includes {{reflist}} or an equivalent such as <references /> which collects the citations made in the article. Below that there may be external links to web sites or to documents, as well as further reading suggestions. At the bottom, but not visible to the reader, are interwiki links to Communpedia articles in other languages and categories.

If articles are imported from Wikipedia {{Wikipedia}} should be placed at the bottom of the page. This roughly satisfies the copyleft requirements for reuse and modification of Wikipedia content. Generally, imported articles have links to subjects unrelated to leftist political concerns; these should be modified in this manner: change [[Marilyn Monroe]] to {{WP link|Marilyn Monroe}} which redirects the link to Wikipedia or simply remove the internal link. Often imported articles also require editing with respect to point of view. Such editing should retain accurate information about problems but remove rightist or fascist points of view; inclusion of substantial theoretical criticism from economists with a capitalist point of view is a matter of editorial judgement. Interwiki links to Wikipedias in other languages should be removed from the bottom of imported articles and categories modified to conform to Communpedia categories.