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Here you'll find links to sources that you can safely use when writing articles. If you know other reliable sources of information, please add links below.

Conventional signs

  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png — this work was created or published in the Soviet Union, potentially has greater trustworthiness than other sources and is preferable for using.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg — this work was authored by a Marxist theorist or follower.
  • Red flag waving.png — this work was authored by a non-Marxist (socialist, etc.) writer.
  • Black flag waving.png — this work was authored by an anarchist theorist or follower.
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png — this work was written from a moderate or center-leftist (social democrat, American-liberal, etc.) perspective. Please check for centrist bias.
  • Womanpower logo.svg — this work is written from a feminist standpoint.
  • Sunflower (Green symbol).png — this work is written from a Green Party or environmentalist viewpoint.


Universal encyclopedias

Book archives



Partys and party organs

Internet News and Information

Some of the websites listed below are from Third World Traveler: "Progressive websites".

Internet blogs


News agencies


Economic Data

  • Wage Indicator .org International data on minimum wages, living wages, collective agreements, labour law....
  • World Bank data Economic, health, environmental, gender, social, developmental, etc. data for most countries.


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