Lao People's Revolutionary Party

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The Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) is the communist ruling party in Laos. Ideologically, the party is Marxist-Leninist and its internal structure is grounded in democratic centralism.


The LPRP has its origins in Indochina Communist Party, founded in 1930 by Ho Chi Minh and dissolved in 1951. It was succeeded by the separate branches of independent nations that came out of French Indochina. The Pathet Lao, an armed communist political movement in Laos largely under the control of North Vietnam, began a programme of occupying sections of the country in 1953, creating a conflict between them and the imperialist government that lasted two decades. The Lao People's Party was formed in 1955, though initially only existing as an arm of the Pathet Lao.

In 1975, the party, in alliance with Vietnamese communists, carried out a revolution that resulted in a seizure of power and the abolition of the monarchy. This created the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LPDR).