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There are a number of Communist parties active in various countries across the world, and a number who used to be active. The formation of Communist parties in various countries was first initiated by the formation of the Communist Third International by the Russian Bolsheviks. Undoubtedly the most important of these parties were those of the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

Some Communist parties have names such as Workers World Party, Socialist Party, Progressive Party, etc. Most, but not all, of the parties on this list are those that were aligned with either Moscow or Beijing during the Cold War and their offshoots. Groups currently and exclusively participating in the Trotskyist tradition are not included in the listing.

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Ruling parties

In the following countries, the Communist parties either lead the ruling coalition or hold monopoly on state power.

Communist parties as part of other ruling coalition

In Cyprus, the ruling Communist party didn't come to power by fommenting a successful revolution, but ratherby being elected to power and thus operate according to the norms of a multi-party system. In Nepal, the ruling Communist parties participate in a multi-party coalition government, an alliance of 22 parties that holds 350 seats in the 601-member constituent assembly. There are also some parties that participate as junior partners in ruling coalitions, as listed below.

Formerly ruling

Modern (Non ruling)


Defunct (ruling)

Defunct (non-ruling)

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