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Maoism is an ideology named after and made by Mao Zedong. Maoism is claimed ideology of the Communist Party of China. Maoism is also called Mao (Zedong) Thought. Maoism is a very hard belief to grasp, as all Ideologies are to the first time reader. Mao Zedong, was the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, from 1949, until the right wingers in government voted him out of power, while he remained the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, he lost all of his executive power. Maoism,(otherwise known as Maoist thought), is the beliefs in the teachings of Mao Zedong, in his controversial "Little Red Book", Mao shows his opinions, predictions, beliefs, and Ideals, in this book, he tells of what Maoism should be.

Maoism general has a quick approach to reaching Communism, while Stalinist, Leninist, and others believe that to reach communism it takes very long periods of time in a socialist society, in which people would eventually reach Communism by themselves, Mao himself said that to reach communism, it would only take about 100 years of constant revolution,(IE, permanent revolution of constant reform).

Maoism, as said above, takes allot of reading, therefore, it is very difficult to put it all into one page, so I highly recommend reading Mao's Little red book, that way, you might be able to interpret his ideas in your own way, just as we all interpret the Communist Manifesto in our own way.

Although Claimed by the Communist Party of China, Maoism is not shown in China's policies anymore than the CPUSA policies are shown in the US government, also note, Maoism is not restricted to China, as shown by the recent revolution in Nepal, and the spreading Maoist movement everywhere, most notably Europe.

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