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The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung) is a German research foundation associated with The Left party. The organisation was founded in Berlin in 1990 as the "Social Analysis and Political Education Association". It was named after Rosa Luxemburg.

It considers itself part of the political movement for democratic socialism. It is a discussion forum for political alternatives, and a centre for socialist ideas and research both in Germany and throughout the world.

Since 2001, the Foundation has been undertaking a wide range of political education projects with funds from the Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation. Since 1999, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has been able to grant scholarships to nearly 900 students (including doctoral students) from Germany and abroad.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has been recognised by The Left as the political education institution related to it. Within the framework of a network of foundations, it cooperates closely with independent local foundations. The foundation has about 100 staff in its Berlin headquarters, and offices in Brussels,[1] Belgrade, Warsaw, Moscow, São Paulo, Quito, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Dakar, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, New Delhi, Beijing, New York and Hanoi.[2]

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