United Communist Party (Netherlands)

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United Communist Party
Verenigde Communistische Partij
Founded 1999
Ideology Communism,
Political position Left-wing
Official colours Red Yellow

Verenigde Communistische Partij (United Communist Party) is a small communist splinter party in the Netherlands. VCP was broke away from the NCPN in 1999. VCP is mainly based in Scheemda.


The VCP broke away from the NCPN because of dissatisfaction with the centralistic command structure of the party, as well as disagreement about whether or not the party should follow a policy of compromise within the city council of Reiderland, in which the NCPN was then represented.

Local Elections

In the 2006 elections VCP got 707 votes in Scheemda (10%), but lost one of their two seats.

In 2009 the VCP won 1,138 votes (8.5%) and two seats in the new municipality of Oldambt.


Politically, the VCP is a straightforward Communist party and sees a communist society as its ultimate goal and Socialism only as a stage towards it, with the class struggle as the method to reach this goal. The party is organised along democratic centralist lines.

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