Criticism of Sixth Buddhist Council

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See also Sixth Buddhist Council.
For criticism see Criticism of Criticism of Sixth Buddhist Council


Of the 2500 or so monks taking part, all but about 150 were Burmese. Similarly, the editorial committee comprised 29 monks: 25 Burmese and 1 from each of the other 4 Theravada countries ([1]). As a result of this Burmese domination, the resulting edition tends to follow Burmese versions of the Canon. For example

  1. Netti, Petakopadesa and Milindapanha are included, a practice that does not seem to be mentioned outside Burma before the Council
  2. the Majjhima Nikaya includes the full Maha Satipatthana Sutta instead of the shorter Satipatthana Sutta

The other Theravada countries give little more than lip-service to the Council.[1]


Although the Council's edition of the Canon was approved by representatives of the other 4 Theravada countries, Thailand continued to reprint its own edition, Ceylon prepared its own, and Cambodia continued to produce volumes of its own edition.


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